Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine's Day at Disney!

Clint, Jeff, Brittney, my mom, and I all went to Disneyland for Valentine's Day. It was amazing. All together we had over 15 churros, 10 scoops of ice cream, 5 dole whips, 1 box of popcorn, 15 sodas, 4 bread bowls, 4 chicken dinners and 1 pasta dinner-Brittney, and awesome Mexican food in two days at Disneyland. We are fatties. We had so much fun running from line-to-line in the single riders line-best invention next to the fast pass. And just to let everyone know, Midway Mania (the Toy Story ride at California Adventure) is the best ride of all time. AMAZING. Clint had the highest score- 180,000 but we weren't far behind. It was so fun to have a break from the traditional Valentine's Day and to be with Mom. Thanks to Andy and Jen for letting us use their place and getting us tickets! We love you guys! Oh and yes, I went into my Castle for the first time...Sleeping Beauty is amazing.


Cecily & Dallin said...

Disneyland!! How fun! I love the pics. You are supposed to enjoy good food on Valentine's day! It looks like you had fun. I didn't know you had dark hair again!

tylerandamandahall said...

Disneyland. You practically live there Stef. What's going on? I haven't seen you since Twilight. How is school anyways? Are you almost done.