Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Broken Computer =(

My sweet puppy has temporarily taken out my computer. The cord to charge my battery is dead. Thank you sweet Sadie. We have lots and lots to post and we will be putting it up as soon as we can. We love you all!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Newest Member of the Severson Family

This is the newest member of our family!!! It all started because I hadn't seen Lady and the Tramp, which is a big deal because anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Disney fan. Clint rented it about a month ago and I totally fell in love with Lady, the Cocker Spaniel. So this weekend Mom and I were decorating for Christmas and Clint pulled in the driveway a little early from work. I went outside to meet him and asked him what he was doing home so early and he said, "There is someone here who wants to meet you." That was the first time I saw Sadie. She is so cute. I have turned into one of those Prima Donna-Paris Hilton types who dresses up their dog. I'm horrible. She has really added a lot to our family so far and she is definitely a Daddy's girl. She follows Clint everywhere. I am so grateful to have such a loving husband!!! Oh and a loving brother who helped get her and who decided on her name- Sadie.


Clint and I had a Halloween party at our house in Highland. It was so much fun. Lots of thanks to Lauren and Dev and Ryan and Sierra for all their help! We played charades and mafia and had a blast. I think we had more sweets than anyone has ever seen! Clint was Iron man and I was Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. This party will definitely be repeated next year. Can't wait for the Christmas party!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ok so I am finally posting the pictures from our amazing trip to Hawaii. We had such a great time with our friends Lauren and Dev, relaxing in paradise. We are now back to school , work, and life but it was a great trip. Here are a few pictures--many more coming.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jack Johnson Concert on our 1 year anni

Bon Fire Time

For Lauren: It wasn't a dream!

Jeff getting ready to break down the wood. Scary
The best friends anyone could ask for. Lauren and Dev
Aw, Jeff and cute girlfriend Brittney
Clint and a lion. Yes I left my hair curly which I never do. EVER. Oh well.

Clint and Marshmallow. Lovely

West Yellowstone on July 4 weekend

The Playmill. Broadway has nothing on this place. We saw Hello Dolly! and Oklahoma! They were both amazing and this year's talent is great. Oklahoma was hilarious and we really loved it. Fourth of July weekend was the best time to go.

Mooseberry's ice cream- so good. Raspberry and Huckleberry.

The old hangout. The family favorite- The Gusher

West Yellowstone Cont.

Dad and Mom at the Gusher. Dad was always good at balancing everything!
Dairy Queen on the main corner of West. This is the before picture...
...This is the after picture. Clint's is the one that still looks intact. I have to mix it all up!

West Yellowstone is the greatest place! I finally got to show Clint around the place I used to spend all of my summers. We went to the IMAX and saw Yellowstone, we went to Mooseberry Ice cream, Smith and Chandler, The Chiristmas Store and Candy store, Dairy Queen, The Gusher, the Playmill, etc! I love that I got to spend this time with my Dad, my husband, and the rest of my family. This was such a great experience to spend the last time in West Yellowstone with my father and the first time with my Husband.
Island Park, ID- My second home

My favorite place in the world-besides Disneyland- is Island Park, ID. The cabin, fishing, Big Springs, Coffeepot, Bill's Island, Henry's Lake, Max Inn, Dean Green's, Phillips 66, Elk Creek, Robin's Roost, floating down the river, playing cards, etc.

This was the last trip we got to take with my Dad before he passed away. My Dad had just bought me a pink fishing pole for my birthday and we went fishing at coffeepot. My third cast out, I got snagged and pulled my rod to try and get my line free. At that moment, my rod snapped in half and floated down stream. I felt so bad that my Dad's gift to me broke-but he just laughed and said, "Don't worry, either you or the rod is defective!" I think I will always remember this time fishing with my dad.
My Birthday Lunch: Gotta Love Costa.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Clint and I went to Disneyland this past weekend -June 11-15. The whole family came down and the boys went to the U.S. Open on Wednesday and Thursday. We all went to Disneyland and California Adventure on Friday and Saturday and then drove back to Utah on Sunday. We had such a great time and it was so fun to be with the whole family! We found many hidden Mickey's and ate about 7-10 churros each! And no one worry...I ate many Dole whips and 2 New England Clam Chowder bowels! Oh my. I think our family's favorite ride has to be Pirates of the Caribbean. We went on it 4 times. This was a great time of year to go-hardly any wait in all the lines! We had a blast.

Buzz Lightyear- Clint got 411,00 points! Ya mom and I tried...=(
Mom and me at Thunder MountainThe fam on Thunder Mountain
The most perfect picture ever-Dad in a grumpy hat

Buzz Lightyear


Honey I Shrunk the Audience- We rock.