Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little Brother Graduated! WHAT?!

Ok Ok I know, I know. Little Jeffrey has graduated?!! Yes, he is officially a college boy. I swear the years have just flown by. This sucks but I am happy. Pat came out and we all celebrated Jeff's accomplishment. Dad was totally missed but we got through it just fine. We were a little rambunctious at times but that's ok. Sometimes we just need to celebrate. Congrats to Jeff!

Disneyland For Easter

We took Mom and Jeff and went to Disneyland for Easter...yes I am going out of order on some of these blog posts but who really cares, right? So we had a blast and here are the pictures.

Our Anniversary

Hello again! Well we will be adding little bits and pieces as we kind of update you on our little lives. Clint and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary with him surprising me with a little getaway to Park City. We stayed at the Canyons, of course, and Clint got a pretty sweet deal because of all the things he does with the Canyons and snowboarding. We got massages, and pretty much relaxed a lot. We need it after the crazy summer we have had with the shave ice shack. Lots and Lots of fun.