Thursday, January 29, 2009

These are the Days of Our Lives...

Ok so I know we aren't the best at posting but that is because my computer is still down. We have bought three cords and none of them have worked! So, we are trying #4 cord this week and hopefully it will work. But here are a few updates in our life- without any pictures...

1. Clint and I both changed our majors...again. This is my 4th major change at BYU and I finally think I have found something perfect for me! (It's about time.) I am going to major in Teaching Social Science and minor in History Teaching and Business. I finally figured out that the corporate world is not the place for me. My dad always wanted me to get my teaching license and after praying about changing my major, I know that this was the best thing for me. So that constitutes me taking a ton of credits to catch up but that is ok! Clint switched to Spanish Literature with a Business minor and should be graduating next year. Clint is just excited to get out of school!

2. I started teaching violin again and I love it! It is fun to see the students get so excited and start to love the instrument. I teach on Friday afternoons to beginning students and I would love to teach full time but it will take a little while to get more students in this economy! So for right now, it is wonderful!

3. We bought a HOT TUB! Ok, I have wanted a hot tub forever. We never had one growing up and every time we were able to get in a hot tub, we loved it! So it has been a dream of mine to get a hot tub. Clint and I looked on KSL forever and every time we would find a hot tub that looked descent and was a good price, it would sell in about 1-2 hours after it was posted. We would call and the seller would tell us that if the first 6 people that called didn't take it then he would call us back. AH! Then about 2 weeks ago, I was at work- bored out of my mind- and I found a hot tub on KSL that I loved. I called Clint and asked him what he thought and he called the guy. K-really long story short- we got it! There are some pretty funny stories about how we got it to the house but that would take up the entire blog page! So here is a picture of a hot tub that looks quite similar to ours except ours has a gray outside.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday and we invited some good friends over for an Ugly Christmas party. My best friends Ryan and Jenna drove in from California and I was really excited that the could be there. We wanted to have a traditional Christmas dinner with some of our closest friends. We had turkey, amazing mashed potatoes, yams, Christmas cranberry fluff, creamed corn, bread, pies, and many more delicious things. We played games and laughed all night long. Thanks to everyone who came-especially Jenna and Ryan!!!

The Sweaters: I found my lovely outfit at D.I. The total was about $12. Amazing. We couldn't find Clint and Jeffrey sweaters so we had to make them. OH what a task. Check them out. You can do a lot with arts and crafts.