Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday and we invited some good friends over for an Ugly Christmas party. My best friends Ryan and Jenna drove in from California and I was really excited that the could be there. We wanted to have a traditional Christmas dinner with some of our closest friends. We had turkey, amazing mashed potatoes, yams, Christmas cranberry fluff, creamed corn, bread, pies, and many more delicious things. We played games and laughed all night long. Thanks to everyone who came-especially Jenna and Ryan!!!

The Sweaters: I found my lovely outfit at D.I. The total was about $12. Amazing. We couldn't find Clint and Jeffrey sweaters so we had to make them. OH what a task. Check them out. You can do a lot with arts and crafts.


Stacey said...

hahahahah...your pants are sick. :)

tylerandamandahall said...

I love your ugly sweater party! It's bomb! What's been going on Stef? I haven't seen you since Twilight.