Friday, August 22, 2008

West Yellowstone Cont.

Dad and Mom at the Gusher. Dad was always good at balancing everything!
Dairy Queen on the main corner of West. This is the before picture...
...This is the after picture. Clint's is the one that still looks intact. I have to mix it all up!

West Yellowstone is the greatest place! I finally got to show Clint around the place I used to spend all of my summers. We went to the IMAX and saw Yellowstone, we went to Mooseberry Ice cream, Smith and Chandler, The Chiristmas Store and Candy store, Dairy Queen, The Gusher, the Playmill, etc! I love that I got to spend this time with my Dad, my husband, and the rest of my family. This was such a great experience to spend the last time in West Yellowstone with my father and the first time with my Husband.

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