Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Suck at Blogging but We are Going to Catch Up---Starting with Hawaii!

We went to Hawaii with Dev and Lauren back in August of 2010-yes, I am way over a year behind in blogging but don't worry, I will catch you all up on our lame lives! We had a great time at our condo and we are thankful that we have such great friends that can help enjoy Kona with us! We had a great time cliff jumping, swimming at Rainbow Falls, renting a Jeep and jeep'n it up in the King's Valley, snorkeling, getting awesome tattoos, eating, riding motorcycles across the island, and pretty much being beach bums. Towards the end of the trip Lauren, Clint, and I became pretty ill and we ended up having to go to the local hospital there. Crazy? Luckily Devan was there to nurse us all back to health. Being sick in paradise sucks but we will just have to have to go back to Hawaii again to make up for it.

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La and Dev said...

Spider Flower Power... We should have gotten real ones